We wanted to tell you a little about the THRIVE program at IUPUI. THRIVE is a scholarship program for incoming, first-year, independent students that aims at unlocking their potential and adding to their college success team.

    Who are your Independent Youth that are eligible for THRIVE at IUPUI?

    • Students who have been in foster care – students who are currently in foster care or you know have been in foster care, including having been a dependent or ward of the court, or living with a court-appointed guardian.
    • Students who experience housing insecurity or homelessness – students who face housing challenges can have very different experiences but still qualify, they could be; living with friends or relatives who are not their parent or guardian (or “couch-surfing”), living in an emergency shelter, living in transitional housing programs or group homes, living in a car, park, campground, abandoned building, bus station, or other public place. Any student who does not have fixed, adequate housing or is at a continuing risk of homelessness qualifies.
    • Students who are emancipated or unaccompanied –students who are living on their own independently, having been legally emancipated or not, who are unaccompanied by a parent. This can include situations where students have left abusive environments, have been abandoned by parents, or parents are incarcerated.
    • Students who are independently caring for dependents or are providing the primary support for their family – students who may have a household with adults present, but they are acting as head of that household and/or providing the primary support for their family, including but not limited to having their own children or raising younger family members.

    Please refer students who may fit these experiences to us directly and encourage them to apply at THRIVE.iupui.edu
    Please note, that many of these students are also eligible to enroll as Indiana 21st Century Scholars, even if they did not enroll in middle school. Please encourage them to enroll now.

    For referrals or any questions you have, please feel free to contact us at weTHRIVE@iupui.edu


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