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    UA Early College offers a strong support network to our students through academic advising, free academic resources and a variety of course options. 
    Students wanting to participate in Summer On Campus must complete the SOC application available through Early College Student Resources (ECSR) in Blackboard Learn. 
    See what your students could be doing during
    Summer On Campus! 

    Who's eligible? 

    High school sophomores, juniors and seniors with a 3.0+ GPA.

    Seniors can still participate in UAEC
    the summer after high school graduation! 

    Complete the application online at

    Three easy steps to apply:

    1. Online Application 
    2. High School Transcript 
    3. Student Essay


    Meet the UA Early College Coordinators!

    Karly Fernandez
    Program Coordinator, Summer Programs

    Phone: 205-348-7083
    Email: knfernandez@ccs.ua.edu

    • Oversees the LEAP camps and Summer On Campus 

    Emory Johnston
    Student Success Coordinator

    Phone: 205-348-7083
    Email: ejohnston@ccs.ua.edu

    • Works with our UAEC students, faculty and student achievement staff 
    • Focuses on furthering the UAEC department's retention and academic achievement efforts 
    During academic advising, students work with UAEC advisors to select their upcoming courses based on classes they have already taken, past and current AP and IB credit, and their extracurricular activities.

    Students wanting to register for a class must complete a “Course Request.” While we strongly encourage all students to participate in advising, if a student has successfully completed 8 or more credit hours, they can fill out the course request and bypass academic advising. However, all courses must be approved by the student’s academic advisor prior to registering for a course.

    Types of Advising:
    • Individual Online Zoom Sessions (text chat, audio, and video when available)  
    • On-Campus Sessions (planned with advisor in a timely fashion)
    Advising Timeline:  Summer AND Fall 2020 semester courses are being discussed.
    Students sign up for academic advising through Early College Student Resources (ECSR).

    Advising Timeline:  Summer AND fall semester courses are being discussed.
    • February 10 - Academic advising open for UAEC students taking courses in the summer and/or fall term
    • March 23 - Course registration opens for UAEC students
    Summer Full Term Dates (May 27 - July 31)
    • May 27 - Classes begin
    • May 30 - Last day to Add/Drop a course without a "W" for full term
    • July 7 - Last day to Add/Drop a course with a "W"
    Summer I Term Dates (May 27-June 26)
    • May 27 - Classes begin
    • May 28  - Last day to Add/Drop a course without a "W" for full term
    Summer II Term Dates (June 30 - July 31)
    • June 30 - Classes begin
    • July 1 - Last day to Add/Drop a course without a "W" for full term 
    Fall Term Dates (August 19 - December 11)
    • August 19  - Classes begin
    • August 26  - Last day to Add/Drop a course without a "W" for full term
    • October 28  - Last day to Add/Drop a course with a "W"
    Fall II Term Dates (September 21 - December 11)
    • September 21  - Classes begin
    • September 25 - Last day to Add/Drop a course without a "W" for full term
    • November 9 - Last day to Add/Drop a course with a "W"
    Please be aware of all Academic Calendar and Financial Calendar deadlines!

    UAEC Policy: 

    Drop Course Request: In order to drop a course, students are required to submit the "Drop a Course" form in Early College Student Resources (ECSR) prior to 4:30 p.m. Central time the day before The University of Alabama's withdrawal date. Once students have been approved to drop the course, they will receive an email with detailed instructions on how to drop the course and remove it from their class schedule. Students must remove the course from their schedule according to the deadlines.  Failure to complete the process will result in a failing grade “F” and will be reflected on the student’s transcript per University policy.
    The UA Early College Director's List acknowledges students
    who earned a 3.6+ GPA in the previous semester. 
    Click here to see the Fall 2019 Director's List.

    Test Proctoring

    Students needing to have a test proctored may have a high school counselor, principal or approved teacher proctor the test for free through SmarterProctering!
    Students can find a link to this information inside each class in Blackboard. Further information and instructions are also available in Early College Student Resources (ECSR).

    Want to learn more about UAEC?

    We can host a Zoom session so your students can learn about UAEC. 

    If you are interested in setting this up for your students, please email earlycollege@ua.edu

    Interesting Courses 

    Students are able to select from a wide variety of courses each semester. 
    • EN 101 - Freshman English Composition I (offer Literature Component): Introduction to college-level expository writing, critical reading, basic citation, and the rhetorical tools needed to participate successfully in The University of Alabama discourse community.
    • EN 102 - Freshman English Composition II (offer Literature Component): Intermediate college-level writing covering the principles of argumentation, advanced critical thinking and analysis, university-level research techniques and research paper-writing.
    • HY 103 - American Civilization to 1865 (History): A survey of American history from its beginning to the end of the Civil War, giving special emphasis to the events, people, and ideas that have made America a distinctive civilization.
    • HY 104 - American Civilization Since 1865 (History): A survey of American history from the Civil War to the present, giving special emphasis to the events, people, and ideas that have made America a distinctive civilization. Open to freshmen.
    • JA 101 - Elementary Japanese: Acquisition of elementary Japanese language skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. 
    • JA 102 - Elementary Japanese II: Students will learn vocabulary and sentence structure for use in essential daily situations through various forms of communicative practice.
    • PY 101- Introduction to Psychology (Social and Behavioral Sciences): Basic principles of psychology.  

    UAEC Coming to Your Area!

    The NACAC fairs are nationally hosted college fairs that allow students and families an opportunity to meet with representatives from colleges and universities across the county to learn more about high education academic opportunities.

    NACAC College Fairs 

    Click here for a complete list of NACAC hosted fairs. 

    Our recruiting specialists/representatives will be at the upcoming NACAC fairs across the country. Visit with them to learn more about UA Early College! 

    Thursday, March 19: Raleigh, NC
    4:30-7:30 p.m.
    Raleigh Convention Center 

    Sunday, March 22: Charlotte, NC 
    12:00-3:00 p.m.
    The Park Expo and Conference Center 

    Thursday, March 26: Memphis, TN 
    9:00 - 11:30 a.m. and 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.
    Agricenter International 

    Tuesday, April 14: Houston, TX
    9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. and 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. 
    NRG Center 

    Thursday, April 16: Austin, TX
    6:00 - 8:30 p.m.
    Palmer Events Center 

    Sunday, April 19: Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX
    1:00 - 4:00 p.m.
    Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas 

    Honor Cords

    UA Early College is proud to recognize students who have excelled academically in their work and who have earned a substantial number of credit hours. To do this, graduating seniors who have earned at least 17 credit hours and maintained a 3.0 UA GPA by December of senior year will receive a UAEC honor cord. These will be mailed to the home address on file for the student.

    Senior Certificates 

    Graduating seniors who have earned at least 5 credit hours and maintained a 2.5 UA GPA by December of senior year will be recognized with a UAEC senior certificate. If UA Early College can send a representative to attend the awards day at the high school, we will present it to the student at that time. If not, we mail the certificates to the high school counselor so it may be presented at the most appropriate time.


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