• MCCSC Curriculum & Instruction Team

    C&I Team

    Dr. Markay Winston, Deputy Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction

    Dr. Deb Prenkert, Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education

    Dr. Erin Stalbaum, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources & Professional Learning

    Jennifer Bickel, Assistant Director of Special Education

    Mitch Bratton, Director of Special Education

    Rafi K. Hasan II, Equity & Inclusion Coordinator

    Choonhyun Jeon, ELL, Cultural Competency, & Diversity Coordinator

    Lizzie Johnson, Science Coordinator

    Alyson Luther, Special Education Manager

    Bill Luther, Grants Coordinator

    Amy Morwick, SEL Coordinator

    Angela Newland, Assessment Coordinator

    Mary Priester-Hanks, Postsecondary Readiness Coordinator

    Becky Rose, Director of Student Services

    Dr. Stacy Sedory, Project Manager

    Dr. Jennifer Smallwood, Early Learning Compliance & Integration Manager

    Adie Smith, High Ability and Outdoor Education Coordinator  

    Beth Smith, STEM to Them Teacher

    Laura Stickels, Manager of Early Learning & Out of School Programs 

    Andrew Woodard, STEAM & Computer Science Specialist