• Individual Learning Plans (ILP)

    What is an ILP?

    An ILP (Individual Learning Plan) is a written plan which details strategies, accommodations, and modifications to be implemented in the classroom on a daily basis. An ILP is created for all Limited English Proficient (LEP) students.
    ILP Specifics
    • An ILP is a locally-developed form that is created by the student's classroom teachers in conjunction with the school's ENL teacher or other designee
    • The content of Individual Learning Plan should be shared with students
    • Teachers and other instructional staff members that work with a Limited English Proficient student must be provided a copy of the ILP and are required to implement the ILP within their classroom on a daily basis 

    Information Contained in the MCCSC's ILP Form

    • General student information
    • Student's English proficiency and academic needs
    • Language instruction program being used
    • Learning goals
    • List of assessment data reviewed to establish the learning goals
    • State and local assessment information
    • Recommended instructional strategies, accommodations, and modifications