• Health Services FAQs


    What immunizations are required for my child?

    Please click here to see the required immunizations for students.  When you register your student, please turn in a copy of his/her most recent immunization record to the school's Health Office. 

    What documentation do I need to provide if my child is not fully vaccinated for medical reasons?

    For students who have a medical exemption to immunization, please have his/her primary care provider complete the Vaccine Medical Exemption Form.  Turn the completed form into the Health Office at your child’s school.  You may access the Acknowledgement of Conssequences of Incomplete Vaccination form here. 

    Where can I get information about the HPV vaccine?

    Click  here for an HPV FAQ document.


    Can my child be given medication at school?

    Yes, parents may provide FDA approved medications for Health Services staff to administer to the child during the school day.  Parents may bring the medication to the school Health Office along with a completed Medication Authorization Form

    To view the MCCSC Medication Policy, please click here

    Can my child carry their own medication during the school day?

    For the safety of our students, medication will be kept in the school's Health Office.  Exceptions will be made for emergency medications such as epinephrine auto-injectors and albuterol inhalers. 

    Can my child’s school store his/her medication during summer break?

    At the end of each school year, all medications will need to be picked up from the school's Health Office.  The following school year, medication can be returned to the Health Office with an updated Medication Authorization Form. 

    Illness and Injury:

    When does my child need to stay home from school due to illness?

    When your child is ill, it is important that they have time to rest and recover before returning to school.  See the Note From the Nurse for a list of reasons why your child will need to be kept home from school. If you have additional questions, please contact the Health Aide at your child’s school.

    What documentation does the school need if my child has temporary restrictions due to injury (ie a concussion, broken bone, etc)?

    If your student has temporary restrictions or needs accommodations at school due to injury, please have their primary care provider fax a statement to the school.  The statement should include the needed restrictions and the length of time that the restrictions will need to be in place.

    What does the Health Office at my child’s school offer?

    Please click here for Helpful Tips from the Health Office.