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    HPV FAQs


    What immunizations are required for my child?

    The immunization requirements for the 2019-2020 school year can be accessed here.

    My child has asthma.  Where can I access the Student Asthma Action Plan?

    You can access the Asthma Action Plan here

    I am not sure if I should give my child the HPV vaccine.  Do you have any information that will assist me in making an informed decision?

    You can access an HPV FAQ document here In addition, you can view the Vaccine Information Statement here.

    Can my child receive medication at school?

    Before any medication or treatment may be administered by school personnel to any student during school hours or during school related activities, the MCCSC Corporation Health Services staff shall: require the written prescription form the child’s physician for all prescription drugs accompanied by the written authorization of the parent. In the case of FDA approved non-prescription drugs, preparations, or remedies, a written authorization from the parent must be on file prior to administration of the treatment. These documents shall be kept on file in the school’s health office of the child’s school and made available to the persons authorized to administer medication or treatment. The prescription must be in its original container, labeled with the student's name and the exact dosage. At no time is the school to administer a dosage other than that authorized by the physician's prescription. The labeled bottle must match the prescription. Both written authorization from the parent and written prescription from the child's physician shall be required to authorize any self-medication by the student. In addition physician's statement authorizing self-medication must include the information set forth in Policy 5330.01 - Self-Administered Medication. All controlled substances should be stored within the health office and kept secure via locking mechanism. Before any non-prescribed medication or treatment may be administered, the Corporation Health Services staff shall require the prior written consent of the parent (see 5330 F1a and Form 5330 F1b). These documents shall be kept in the school health office.

    For more information on the Corporation's policies for administering medications, please see the student handbook for your child's school.

    Does my child have to stay home from school because she has lice?

    If live lice are found, that student will be excluded from school until they return "live lice free" (as deemed per school health office).   If a student is found to have ONLY nits, they may return to class and ride the bus home from school.  You can read more about our Lice Guidelines here.