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    Find your immunization status: If you need to find out your immunization status, follow the steps at this link in order to create your own personal login information.  Then, obtain your pin number from your healthcare provider.  You can find out your status immediately.

    Head lice DO NOT transmit disease and are not a serious medical condition.  They cannot survive on your pets.  They do NOT fly, jump, or swim, but are good crawlers.  Direct, physical, head-to-head contact is the usual method of transmission.

    When a student is suspected of having head lice, the health office staff should examine the student's scalp in the health office.  Privacy of the student will be protected.

    Live Lice Guidelines:

    1.  If live lice are found, that student will be excluded from school until they return "live lice free" (as deemed per school health office).

    2.  If the student has a sibling at MCCSC, that sibling(s) will also be assessed within the health office.

    3.  The student may not ride the bus home or back to school until cleared by the health office.

    4.  They must be picked up from school as soon as the health personnel are able to reach someone listed on the EMA.

    5.  This day will NOT count against a student's absence record (any further days that a student is NOT sent home by health office will count against student).

    6.  Letter will be sent home with parents in regard to Live Lice and how to treat.

    7.  Staff will verbally go over lice removal guidelines with the family/guardian.

    8.  Nits are not required to be removed, but if nits are within 1/2" of scalp, there is a chance even after shampooing that the nits could still be alive.  IT IS ALWAYS BEST TO REMOVE ALL NITS TO PREVENT FURTHER INFESTATIONS.

    9.  If a child is checked and found to be live lice free but with nits remaining, the health office will re-check that student in 2-3 days to be sure parents are continuing to pick the nits and that remaining nits have not hatched.

    Nits Only Guidelines:

    1.  If a student is found to have ONLY nits, they may return to class and ride the bus home from school.

    2.  A note will be sent home to parent/guardian.

    3.  Reminder to parents per health office staff: all nits need to be removed as soon as possible, check the rest of the family for lice/nits and use medicated shampoo if indicated.

    4.  Student will be assessed within the health office within 2-3 days to ensure nit removal and that the remaining nits have not hatched.

    ***Classroom checks are performed by Director or Building Administrator based on requests but are not routine.***

    For more information on how to prevent and treat lice, please click here.