• Secondary Education FAQs

    How do I know which school my child should attend?

    Schools each have an attendance zone.  You can find out which school your home is zoned for by searching your address here.

    What state assessments are required in middle school?

    Students in middle school will take the ILEARN test each spring.

    What state assessments are required in high school?

    Students in 10th grade will take the ISTEP test for reading and math.  Students enrolled in biology will take the ILEARN test.

    Are there internship opportunities available for high school students?

    Each high school has an internship program.  Please contact your child's school directly for more information.

    What are the graduation requirements for my child?

    Beginning with the freshmen class of 2019, the Indiana Department of Education has implemented Graduation Pathways.  Please see page 10 of the MCCSC Secondary Schools Guide for more information and contact your child's school counselor if you have any additional questions or concerns.

    What do I do if I have a concern regarding the curriculum my child is being taught?

    As with any concern you might have about your child's education, please speak with your child's teacher or principal.  If that doesn't resolve your concern, please use this form to share concerns regarding the MCCSC curriculum or instructional materials.  Your submission will be sent to the Curriculum and Instruction Office for review.