• Kindergarten



    Kindergarten registration begins in February of each year. You can register by contacting your elementary school or registering online.  The documentation required for registration is listed here.  We recommend you register as early as possible to make sure that all the necessary paperwork is ready and prepared for your child on their first day at a new school.  Early registration also helps your school by providing accurate enrollment numbers to best prepare for staffing in August.  You can find out which school your child will attend by using Find School/ Bus Stop by Address.

    Is my child ready for kindergarten?

    Children who are five years old by August 1st are eligible to enter kindergarten.  However, when children come to kindergarten with certain life skills already mastered, their adjustment to school may be more comfortable.  To get your child off to the best start, please practice these skills before school begins.

    Self-help Skills:

    • Buttoning
    • Zipping
    • Putting on jackets
    • Tying shoes
    • Bathroom independence, including washing and drying hands

    Social Skills:

    •  Sharing
    •  Listening
    •  Showing respect for others
    •  Demonstrating kindness
    •  Taking turns
    •  Following 3-step directions