• Early Learning FAQs

    What program is the best fit for my family?

    MCCSC offers a variety of early learning options. If your child is between 6 weeks-4 years, they would be eligible to attend The Early Learning Center or Hoosier Hills Child Care Center. If your child will turn three years old before August 1st, they are also able to attend any of our fee based programs.  If your child will be four years old prior to August 1st, and you live in a Title I school area (Arlington, Clear Creek, Fairview, Grandview, Highland Park, Summit, or Templeton), your child may be eligible for Title I funded preschool.  An assessment will determine if indeed your child qualifies for this program. If your child has a current Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or is in the process of getting an IEP, they could qualify for preschool funded through the Special Education department.

    If my child attends preschool, are they eligible for transportation services?

    Transportation is currently offered for students who qualify.  Title I and special education funding sources support transportation costs for those in need.

    If my child attends fee based preschool, is their lunch included in their fees?

    With fee based preschool, you can choose to pack a home lunch or create a lunch account through food services. More information about how to set up your lunch account, add funds, and lunch calendars can be found at the Food Services link on our website.

    Do you offer full and part time fee based preschool options?

    Preschool programs at the Early Learning Center and Hoosier Hills Childcare Center are offered full time and part time (Monday/Wednesday/Friday only or Tuesday/Thursday only).  Only full time preschool programs are offered at our elementary schools. Full time enrollment attends Monday through Friday 9:00 am- 3:45 pm. Special situations can be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

    Do we have to enroll at the fee based preschool within our boundary area?

    No, enrollment for fee based preschool is completed first come, first serve. Anyone can enroll at any school with available seats.

    Do you offer any financial assistance for fee based preschool?

    Fee based preschool does accept the CCDF voucher and On My Way Pre-K vouchers. More information about those vouchers can be found at www.fssa.in.gov.

    Do you offer before and/or after school care?

    Some preschool locations offer before and after school care for additional fees. Please contact the Office of Early Learning to find out if your child’s preschool offers this service.

    Is snack provided?

    Yes, we do provide an afternoon snack. We strive to offer healthy choices including fresh fruit, vegetables, yogurt, and whole grain options.

    Can I tour the facility prior to enrollment?

    We always welcome parent tours. We do ask that you set up all tours through our office. Please contact (812)330-7702 to arrange a day and time.

    What is your refund policy?

    If for any reason a student needs to withdraw mid-month, we do offer a refund on the remaining days. Refunds may take 8-12 weeks to process.

    Where do I find a supply list?

    There is no general supply list for preschool. We will provide everything the class needs. Parents are only asked to send a small blanket and pillow for rest time. It is also always a good idea to have an extra change of clothes on hand for your child in the event of an accident.  

    Some teachers post a wish list of items they would like for their rooms.  Parents/Guardians/Caretakers who wish to help may speak directly to their child's teacher.

    What are your hours?

    Early Learning at MCCSC has a variety of locations and hours to meet the needs of your family.  Please contact (812)330-7702 to learn more about our various locations and hours.

    I am concerned about my child’s development, i.e. communication skills.  What should I do?

    For infants - age 30 months, families can share their concerns with their teacher who can assist with a referral to First Steps at http://www.indianafirststeps.org/referral-process/ or 1-800-387-7837.  For children ages 30 months- Pre-K, our Early Learning Program staff work with the MCCSC special education department to meet the student’s needs.  Families and/or staff can contact Angie Covey at (812)330-7700 x50936, or acovey@mccsc.edu.