• Outdoor Education FAQs

    What does my child need to bring to their Bradford Woods trip?

    Prior to their trip, your child will receive a packing list and more detailed information about everything they should bring on their trip.

    What should my child wear for their nature day trip?

    Students should wear comfortable, weather appropriate clothing.  Closed-toe shoes are required.  Schools will provide more detailed information.

    Are these field trips canceled if it rains?

    The safety of our students is most important and is taken into consideration when the weather may be of concern.  Schools will communicate any changes that are made to the nature day and Camp Emma Lou schedules. Bradford Woods practices increment weather safety precautions and has appropriate shelter and inside accommodations, if needed.

    Are chaperones needed?

    In some instances, chaperones may be needed.  Please contact your child's school directly for more information.