• Extended Day Program FAQs

    How do I enroll?

    Click here to visit the Extended Day Program enrollment page.

    What age group do you serve?

    We serve students in kindergarten through sixth grade within MCCSC.

    What are the hours for Morning and Afternoon Care?

    Our programs run Monday through Friday.  Extended Day Morning Care runs from 6:30am until the bell rings.  Extended Day Afternoon Care begins at the time of dismissal and runs until 6:00pm.

    Do I have to send my child for the entire time?

    No.  You can drop your child off any time during the morning care session and pick up any time during the after school care session.

    Does my child have to attend every day?

    You may use the program on days you need it.  We have some children that attend every day and others that only come when the parents/guardians need it.

    Where in each building are extended day services provided?

    Each school has a specific location identified for Extended Day Morning Care and Extended Day Afternoon Care.  Child(ren) may also have access to additional locations based on activities (ex. gym).  There will be specific entrance doors with buzzers and/or secure video entry and intercoms that parents will use to access the building to drop-off and pick-up the child(ren).

    What are your procedures during school closings and delays?

    •  Snow/Weather Delays: On snow delays, MCCSC Extended Day programs open at their regularly scheduled time of 6:30 AM. We operate an extended morning program that ends when school starts. If roads are especially hazardous, please be aware that the site may open a few minutes late. Snow delay rates are the same as every other morning. 
    • Snow/Weather Closings: When MCCSC Schools are closed, our Extended Day programs will be closed as well.
    • School Holidays: If schools are closed for holidays or summer, our Extended Day programs are also closed.