• Ready Schools Programs and Services

    What is Ready Schools?

    Ready Schools is a design-thinking process to support school districts in aligning their PK-12 curricular and programmatic offerings to the educational and workforce needs of the region. The goal of this work is to engage stakeholders in meaningful dialogue about what success means within the community and develop a strategic plan for implementation. Using stakeholder input, we will identify innovative practices for the 21st century learner.  Ultimately, Ready Schools is preparing students to be college, career and life ready. 

    Where are we now in the process?

    In August 2018, we began an 18-24 month design thinking process to determine how the MCCSC can best prepare our students, systemically from PK-12, for college and/or careers in an innovative way. With the help of our design teams which include representatives from all schools and the corporation's administration office as well as our advisory team consisting of school, community, and industry members, we have received valuable input to inform the strategic plan. In addition to stakeholder input, context was developed by visiting model programs and researching strategies. We have reached the point where we have five main focus areas to plan for systemic alignment.

    The five focus areas are project-based learning, STEAM and hands-on learning, entrepreneurship, career awareness, and community and industry partnerships.  With a focus on these five areas, our students will experience relevant hands-on learning, and gain employability skills which will prepare them to be college, career, AND life ready when they graduate.

    What's next?

    The MCCSC is currently in the refinement stage of the design thinking process.  During this phase a systemic implementation plan and grant proposal will be designed to address the five focus areas of project-based learning, STEAM and hands-on learning, entrepreneurship, career awareness, and community and industry partnerships.