• High Ability

    The Monroe County Community School Corporation values differentiated instruction and opportunities for acceleration at all grade levels. These opportunities are available for all students, not just those who are formally identified as high ability. Individual teachers and building principals work to develop the most appropriate educational experience possible for each student, including flexible ability grouping in math and language arts and inquiry based learning. Beginning in kindergarten, all students' intellectual abilities are assessed. For students in grades four through eight who demonstrate exceptional academic and intellectual ability, the MCCSC offers the Accelerated Learning Program for Students or ALPS.  In middle and high school, honors and advanced classes are offered.  

    We comply with the Indiana Code for High Ability Education and the MCCSC's School Board of Trustees High Ability Policy.

    Contact Us if you have questions or want to know more information about the high ability services we offer our students.


    The High Ability Middle School Identification and Services Presentation can be viewed here