• English Language Learning (ELL)

    The Monroe County Community School Corporation values individual and cultural differences.  Our programming is tailored to each student's English language proficiency level in order to develop academic English skills for success in the learning environment. While addressing academic standards, students have regular opportunities to practice listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The MCCSC welcomes and is happy to serve all new international families in its schools.
    Our corporation has over 800 students with diverse language backgrounds (speaking over 43 different languages) and offers English as a New Language (ENL) classes for all grades, kindergarten through high school.  The MCCSC also offers adult English as a Second Language (ESL) classes to help parents and new community members feel comfortable in their new home. Extra help for English learners and their families is available through the Bloomington community as well.
    The ELL Department serves as the information center for students from other cultures and their families regarding questions and concerns about school life. We have information about enrollment, English language instruction (ESL or ENL), tutoring and homework help, relationships with peers and staff, financial issues, and counseling services that address the newcomers’ needs during their time in the school system. Our department also coordinates resources on issues of diversity, providing information to MCCSC staff on fostering a respectful learning environment, implementing curriculum modifications, celebrating individual and cultural differences, and promoting cultural sensitivity in the education community.  Additional services include translation of documents, assistance with correspondence and communication with the families, and cultural perspectives when necessary in order to understand differences that affect the students’ ability to function successfully and happily in the MCCSC system.
    • English: Free Interpreting / Translation services are available for families. (812) 961-7500
    • Español (Spanish): Servicios gratuitos de interpretación / traducción están disponibles para las familias. (812) 961-7500
    • 한국어 (Korean): 통역과 번역은 가족들을 위하여 무료로 제공됩니다. (812) 961-7500
    • 中文 (Chinese): 为家庭提供免费的口译/笔译服务 (812) 961-7500
    • (812) 961-7500 خدمات الترجمة متوفرة الان مجانا للعوائل :(Arabic) العربية
    Contact us if you have questions or want to know more information about a program that we offer.  You can also call Bilingual Assistance at (812) 961-7500.