• Programs and Services for Equity and Inclusion

    Equity Spotlight Award

    The Monroe County Community School Corporation Equity Spotlight Award recognizes, student organizations, community partners, and faculty and staff members, for their commitment to fostering an inclusive learning environment reflective of our Mission, Vision, Core Values, and Desired Equity Experience Statement. Click here to download the nomination form and for award criteria.  To complete the nomination online click here.

    Capacity Building  (for MCCSC staff & employees)

    • Individual consultation (messaging and communication)
    • Group consultation: Equity Leadership Team and Curriculum & Instruction Collaboration
    • Professional Learning
    • Training: Implicit Bias, Microaggression
    • Guest lecturer in Race, Class, and Gender in the U.S., African-American History, African-American Political Thought, and Islam in the African-American experience

    The Corporation Equity Leadership Team (CELT)

    The CELT is a working group that consists of staff within the Office of Curriculum and Instruction.  The CELT serves as a clearinghouse, making sure corporation-wide initiatives align with policy, including the school corporation’s academic priorities, professional development needs, and the development of an equity-oriented curriculum. The CELT works with the Equity and Inclusion Coordinator to increase the voices and participation of students, families, and community members to inform school policies, practices, and procedures.

    Equity Leadership Teams (ELT)

    ELT are working groups located at twenty-three (23) schools in the MCCSC. The ELT consist of individuals with diverse experiences, joined in their efforts to assist the school corporation’s commitment to build and sustain culturally responsive institutions and global student learning environments. ELT are responsible for assisting the principals with the implementation of ongoing professional development, building cultural capacity, and global awareness. ELT meet monthly and strategically plan and implement the Equity Agenda. 

    The Equity Access and Opportunity Steering Committee (EAO)

    The EAO is a working group of community leaders, parents/caregivers, community stakeholders, and advocates who provide critical perspectives for the school corporation in regard to supporting students from historically marginalized backgrounds and when working in challenging settings.  The EAO members advise the school district with the development of meaningful and credible, equitable, educational access. They also assist in helping bridge the discussion between the education-based teams and the community-based stakeholder perspective.