Dear Parents, Teachers, and Administrators,


    If you are a parent or grandparent of youth with high ability currently in grades 5 through 12, please consider an on-campus opportunity this summer. Registration is now open for the Purdue Gifted Education Resource Institute’s (GERI) Summer Residential Camps held in July 2018!  At these GERI camps, students who have completed grades 5-12 have the opportunity to take challenging classes related to their area(s) of interest while experiencing college life with other high-ability peers on Purdue’s campus. We offer hands-on classes in a wide range of subjects, including STEM and the humanities, all designed to be one to two grade levels above traditional classroom content. These classes are taught by esteemed professors, graduate students, and teachers from Lafayette and surrounding areas. 


    This year, special classes for high school students include Design of Smart and Connected Toys in Mechanical Engineering, STEAM Labs, and Cyber Criminology. 7th and 8th grade students have a wide selection from Toy Design in Mechanical EngineeringWorld of Spies, Keeping Secrets, and Feeding Future Humans, and 5th and 6th grade students can select from classes like CSI InvestigationYour Future in BioengineeringRobotec: Bytes and ‘BotsCircuitry Art and more! Check out our attached brochure for camp dates, registration information, and a full listing of classes. 


    Beyond classes, students live in Purdue’s new Honors College Residence Hall and explore the boundless other facilities Purdue's campus has to offer. All camp activities are supervised by either the student’s camp counselor or teacher(s). During evenings and weekends, students experience games, group talks, and field trips geared toward their interests and development. In fact, GERI Summer Residential is the only camp in the nation that supports high-ability social and emotional needs in addition to their academic needs.  A rich experience awaits your child(ren) as students come from several different countries, 4 Native American reservations, and at least half of  the United States. They form international friendships and have the opportunities to share their cultures, customs, and talents in our Global Gala.  


    You have until June 1st to register! Classes fill quickly so be sure to register as soon as possible by visiting http://tinyurl.com/SRES2018. We are excited to share our 40th anniversary year with you, and look forward to seeing your children or grandchildren at camp!


    Corinne Green

    Doctoral Candidate

    GERI Summer Residential Co-Coordinator