• Black History Month


    Take a look at all of the great things MCCSC school are doing in honor of Black History Month!



    Arlington Heights Elementary

    Working with BIG, Black Star, Million Father March to host a Black History event in February.


    Binford Elementary

    Pay It Forward with Community Kitchen food drive donation. In music, we are celebrating and learning the history and influence of the African American culture on music. In flex time we are reading books and literature about the Black History and Culture, specifically those written by African American authors.


    Grade levels will be studying the underground railroad, and specifically the underground railroad that existed in Indiana.  Along with this, they will learn about slavery, and what it took to have slavery abolished. 


    Childs Elementary

    In music class, students in 5th and 6th grade, will study the impact music had on the Civil Rights Movement.


    Clear Creek Elementary

    During the month of February, our media specialist pulls all of our books related to Black History Month, MLK, the Civil Right Movement, etc.  and has the collection in the teacher's lounge for teachers to use for reading aloud, critical literacy activities, book clubs, and writing activities throughout the month of February.  Then, of course, this work continues throughout the school year as well.


    Fairview Elementary

    All 6th-grade students are participating in the City of Bloomington 2018 Black History Month Essay Contest.


    Grandview Elementary

    Many classes used literature and discussed who Dr. Martin Luther King was and how he impacted history.


    These are some activities that took place throughout the building:


    Read Martin's Big Words. Did written response activities and learned a song about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


    STEM Buddies - Martin Luther King Monument Building STEM challenge.


    Compare and Contrast Martin Luther King with other leaders in history.



    Highland Park Elementary

    Kick-off convocation on 2/2/18. Will also provide resources/activities for classroom teachers.


    Lakeview Elementary

    Grade levels will focus on notable African Americans in these categories:

    Kindergarten- Sports

    First Grade-Inventors

    Second Grade- Musicians

    Third Grade- Entertainment

    Fourth Grade- Politicians

    Fifth Grade- Education/Scholars

    Each grade level will display information about the person(s) they are studying on bulletin boards, etc.

    "Who Am I......." questions will be read over the intercom during morning announcements.  Each grade level will be responsible for their question and other grade levels will be able to guess who the person is.



    Marlin Elementary

    First Grade

    We will be reading books about famous black people is history.  With each person we will be doing comprehension lessons, writing activities, and craft activities.  We will display some of our work in the hallways to celebrate the month.

    4th grade
    We completed a mini-research paper on one important person in history and created a bulletin board. We will also use this month to focus on several of the Readworks.org articles that teach us about famous African Americans in history.

    Fifth/Sixth Grade

    During February, in our 5th/6th grade social studies classes, we will be reading and discussing several books related to Black History month.

    Shannon had students listening to and discussing the "I Have a Dream" speech and tied it into persuasive writing topics.


    In core classes, Julia read a biography picture book about Langston Hughes' life. Students practiced note-taking skills and noted down things about him on a graphic organizer. Then, we analyzed his poem, "Dreams" and wrote our dreams and our class dreams.


    Next week, Julia will read pieces from "Freedom Over Me" by Ashley Bryan, which describes the lives of real slaves. Then paired with each slave is a poem that explains the dreams that the author had for him or her.

    4th/5th/6th (Read 180 group)
    Our students completed a flocbabulary unit on Martin Luther King, read a book about martin luther king, read and analyzed Martin Luther King quotes, and discussed/wrote written responses on treating others fairly.



    Rogers Elementary

    Classrooms are covering lessons/stories on Black History Month throughout February.


    Summit Elementary

    • The Library is reading MLK stories to 1st and 3rd graders.
    • Third-grade is using a Rosa Parks poster from Benchmark to find a central message and to prompt discussion, followed by reading Martin's Big Words (again looking at central message/theme).
    • Kindergarten will be focusing on MLK all next week.  We will be using the book, Ron's Big Mission by Corrine Naden and other equality books of choice to focus on the essential questions: What would have happened if MLK did not stand up?

    We are planning MANY hands-on connections for our kinders. Some examples are discussions of how we are all the same on the inside... comparing a white egg to a brown egg and then cracking them open and Making a project of the ways kinders can make a difference.

    • Another class will read the Picture book biography Martin Luther King Jr. We’ve been working on finding the central message of a story. We brainstormed ideas for the central message of his life. Tomorrow we will watch part of the video “My friend Martin”. We will work in groups to make a list of ways to honor Dr. King's life with our words and actions. Then we will share out.
    • I planned on doing a text rendering of a famous MLK quote that we will use to create precepts in our own words that reflect his quote. 
    • Second grade is using the Rooted and Reading MLK lesson. It includes reading a book about MLK and a writing activity where they write about their dreams for the world. They make an earth with a heart and hands that go with their writing. 
    • 1st grade is doing a reading unit based on MLK. We also have another unit that we can do a timeline, then and now types of activities. We will also do a craft. 
    • I am doing the cracked egg experiment about the difference for my younger students. My older students will be completing a closed reading about MLK with multiple activities. 
    • In late February I will be doing my annual 5th-grade music programs which are a collection of songs about freedom & equality, as well as songs that celebrate the diversity of our country. It’s not specifically just about MLK, that is included, as well as a portion about civil rights era and the freedom movement. 


    Templeton Elementary

    Students at Templeton will be participating in a variety of activities celebrating Black History Month. This includes group coloring projects, completion of timelines and order of events that highlighted Dr. King’s life, writing activities, and the reading of Dr. King’s speech. In addition, several classes completed activities where oppression was the primary focus and students experienced firsthand how this felt and how this moves people to change.


    Unionville Elementary

    For MLK, Jr. Day and Black History Month, students in every classroom will be learning about the central role of African Americans in the world.  Some of the projects related to Dr. King will be continued or extended.


    University Elementary

    -Feb 7 schoolwide event: IU African American Choral Ensemble (from Indiana University) performing for us, 2 convocations (1 primary, 1 intermediate, begins at 2 p.m. families are invited!)

    -numerous other instructional activities created and implemented by grade level teams.



    Batchelor Middle School

    We have a display board in the library and will have a book pull highlighting fiction and nonfiction books with black history, current struggles, and characters.


    7th Grade Language Arts classes study Jackie Robinson and the integration of MLB in a nonfiction unit. They will be showing the movie “42” as well as revisiting these topics during Advisory.  


    7th Grade Social Studies will be studying Ancient African history.


    Science is doing a bulletin board on black scientists


    In Writers Workshop, students will review briefly background/accomplishments of MLK & his legacy and be offered the opportunity to enter one of the many essay contests that feature/honor Dr. King. 



    Jackson Creek Middle School

    Tuesday 2/6/18

    8:00-8:45 a.m.

    Black History Month Celebration Convocation with speakers and other activities. 



    Tri-North Middle School

    Enrichment Sessions during our Weekly TIE Sessions to celebrate the achievements of leaders who should be celebrated and recognized during Black History Month.


    Bloomington Graduation School

    Reading classes were going to be reading some selected works focusing on black history.



    Bloomington High School North

    US History is covering Civil Rights Movement in March. The Ethnic Studies and Minorities in America classes are teaching minority history, civil rights, and tolerance issues. 


    Bloomington High School South

    Black Culture Club will conduct various activities and decorate bulletin boards with materials to celebrate Black History Month. They will highlight black musical artists for the Friday music and bring in speakers including Dawn Knight, author of George Taliferro’s biography about being the first black NFL draft in history. They are discussing making shirts and an SRT show segment with biographical information about influential African Americans from a contemporary historical perspective.



    The Academy of Science and Entrepreneurship

    Although civil rights is a running theme in American Studies, this year’s Moth Storytelling & Civil Rights Movement project just happens to fall within Black History Month. The project asks students the question: What is the place of personal narratives, including my own, in American History? In order to answer this question, students investigate major events throughout the CRM to create a cohesive and visual timeline. From there, students often ask to dive deeper into the stories of these events, and we spend time reading, discussing, and sharing out the personal narratives of those involved in the CRM on multiple levels. From this point, students feel inspired to tell their own story, which is supported by true, real-life stories shared on the Moth podcast. Students tell their stories without notes at a Moth-inspired event at school. Parents and community members are invited to this event, and the stories are recorded by WFHB and aired on their Standing Room Only program.


    Hoosier Hills Career Center

    Multicultural Literacy Unit is conducted in Early Childhood Education course during Black History Month. Students create reading lists, lesson plans and activities focused on this topic.