• Black History Month


    Take a look at all of the great things MCCSC school are doing in honor of Black History Month!


    Arlington Heights

    Students will be learning about the following people during Black History Month:

    1. Garret Morgan - invented the gas mask and the traffic light
    2. Malcolm X - read Malcolm Little and then discuss his significance in the African American culture
    3. Katherine Johnson - the lady who saved Apollo 13
    4. watch a video about African American Inventors  and how they have changed the world as we know it today -
    5. For each week, we will use the kid-safe website www.kidrex.org and MCPL's website and look up each person to see if there is any more information we did not learn about from the book we read. 



    We will be honoring key historical figures throughout Black History month daily on the announcements and we are putting up posters of key figures around the school and in the main entrance.



    Grade levels will be entering writing and art for the City of Bloomington Black History Month Contest. In music class, students in 5th and 6th grade, will study the impact music had on the Civil Rights Movement.

    Clear Creek

    During the month of February, our media specialist pulls all of our books related to Black History Month, MLK, the Civil Right Movement, etc.  and has the collection in the teacher's lounge for teachers to use for reading aloud, critical literacy activities, book clubs, and writing activities throughout the month of February.  Then, of course, this work continues throughout the school year as well.



    We will be focusing in on a few famous people

    Ruby Bridges

    Jesse Owens

    Harriet Tubman

    Phillis Wheately

    Thurgood Marshall

    Martin Luther King Jr.

    Jackie Robinson

    Benjamin Banneker

    Frederick Douglass

    George W. Carver

     Within the focus of each famous person we will read informational text for each person post an information poster for each person keep an identification book of all people complete word searches complete matching sheets  practice ABC order 6th grade students will write essays and enter them in the Black History Essay contest - the winners will be honored at Fairview at the Black History Essay Contest Ceremony at Fairview on February 13, 2020.


    Highland Park

    We will have a school-wide assembly to kick-off Black History Month on February 19th at 2:30pm with a performance by the IU African American Dance Company.



    3rd-Henry’s Freedom Box Unit of Study

    2nd-Compare/contrast famous black Americans through literature throughout the month

    6th-Biographies Unit of Study-Paper Bag Books/Famous Black Americans through History

    1st-Studying various Black Americans who have made an impact on society

    Kdg.-Thru literature, mini books/biographies about important Black Americans

    6-Read Aloud books featuring Black Americans and record learning in journals.

    4th-Reading biographies of Black Americans, and articles on civil rights, as well as discussion during book club books, read aloud; and in Indiana history

    5th-Harriet Tubman’s Go Free or Die, Scholastic News magazine and class discussion will begin our unit





    Second and Third Grade

    • Introduce famous Americans and why they are famous using the book, "Barack Obama Of Thee I Sing"
    • Expose students to a wide variety of famous African Americans through literature and videos
    • Students will research a chosen African American
    • Students will create a Google Slides presentation of chosen person
    • Students will create individual quilts about their famous person using information from their Google slideshow
    • Students will participate in a Black History Month Scoot activity


    We will study the timelines of Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, Ruby Bridges, and MLK and discuss how they had an impact on our world today.  The students listen to read aloud, create crafts, and find information to report on for each hero.  They will connect their character traits to themselves and brainstorm ways we can also make the world a better place!  This will lead us to making a short video about the lessons we have learned (which is one of our ELL this nine weeks)  At the end of our units, there will be a collage of items in the hallway wall for display.

    Fourth Grade

    We will be reading LI'l Dan the Drummer Boy in class and completing small research reports on famous African Americans.

     Fifth/Sixth Grade

    *We read Hidden Figures.

    *We read diverse books throughout the year for our lessons, such as The Other Side.

    *In February we will offer students a variety of texts to choose from about African Americans such as Wilma Rudolph, Duke Ellington, and Coretta Scott King, to read and write essays on.

    During Black History month, for grades 4/5/6, I will be doing short mini-lessons from our Discovery Education site about several famous African Americans including Harriet Tubman, Jackie Robinson, Rosa Parks and more.




    Teacher led read-aloud with activities:  class discussions and presentations




    Students at Templeton will be participating in a variety of activities celebrating Black History Month.  Book readings, response to literature activities, class discussions, My Friend, Martin movie and discussion



    All classes will be integrating the topics into their curriculum and through social studies, reading, and writing.


    Kindergarten will read Martin’s Big Words and do some vocab , discussion , and writing activities related to the book . We will do a stem challenge making a word tower with cups featuring Martin’s words . We will also read, write , and discuss the lives of Rosa Parks and Ruby Bridges .


    1st and 2nd Grade - watching the Martin Luther King story as told by Kid President and making an "I have a dream" poster.


    4th grade will be creating a bulletin board filled with research they’ll complete on famous African Americans. They will be doing individual research posters.


    Sixth grade will be starting a unit on Civil Rights in January for English/LA/Soc. St. We will begin by studying Malala Yousafzai and Pakistan and bring it to the United States Civil Rights movement and study young people's impact within the movement. We will be doing this through January and February. We will be using Southern Poverty Law Center's Teaching Tolerance curriculum on the The Children's March, The Voting Rights Act, and A Time for Justice. We will also be reading The Watson's Go to Birmingham and Brown Girl Dreaming.



    Indiana University's African American Choral Ensemble will be presented during a convocation. 

    numerous other instructional activities created and implemented by grade level teams



    Science Department - I have a dream statement bulletin board with student dreams for their school/community or world; Black scientists display in hallway

    Social Studies Department - In seventh grade, we will be learning about Ancient Africa and the three major kingdoms there:  Mali, Songhai, and Ghana and touch upon Zimbabwe as well.  Near the end of the month, we will start talking about the colonization of Africa as well.

    English - Will read poetry from influential black authors this month though to build on poems we’ve read earlier this year (Langston Hughes for example).

    Social Studies are working on a whole school activity  toward the end of the month but no details yet.


    Jackson Creek

    Jackson Creek will be exploring various topics in our Social Studies and English Language Arts classes about black history, including significant events and prominent leaders of the Civil Rights Movement.   We will also be participating in the Black History Month essay contest sponsored by the City of Bloomington in several English Language Arts classes. 



    Enrichment Sessions during our Weekly TIE Sessions to celebrate the achievements of leaders who should be celebrated and recognized during Black History Month.


    Bloomington Graduation School

    Reading classes were going to be reading some selected works focusing on black history.


    Bloomington High School North

    Friday January 31, 2020: In solidarity of Black Perseverance, Power & Unity the North Community will be invited to

    participate in a Black In to kick off Black History Month. Everyone will be asked to wear Black. Informational Cards will

    also, be provided with the following information: What is Black history? Who and when it started? Why we celebrate Black

    History? Who can celebrate it Black History? Back of the card will share basic facts.


    February 2020

    Daily: Black history moment over announcements. A Black history moment will be shared daily over lunch.


    Tuesdays: Game Days (e.g., Black Jeopardy, Family Feud). Students will be invited to participate in a game show format

    to learn about Black facts and history. (It would be nice if we could reserve a larger space on these days. e.g. LGI would be

    nice or the Library).


    *Wednesdays: Blacks in History: BHSN community will be invited to explore and learn about famous Black people past,

    present, and future.


    *Thursdays CLIPS (Mr. Philbeck’s room): Student leaders will view selected movie clips as a means to get students to

    think critically about issues facing Black community. They will ask their peers to use clips to reflect on Black perseverance,

    power, and Unity as well as various themes that in the movie that represent challenges that Black people have encountered

    but also, how Black people resiliently move through challenges. Students will be asked to generate questions for their guest



    *Fridays Conversations (Library?/LG?): A panel of invited guests will engage and educate students in conversation

    in a topic based on the themes and challenges from movies. Panelist will also respond to and discuss questions that students

    generated after they engaged the movie clips.


    Bloomington High School South

    For Black History Month, South provides a variety of opportunities for students to learn and get involved. The Black Culture Club hosts various Panther Plus enrichment labs throughout the month. They make announcements about prominent and influential black figures and they pick the music played during passing periods on Fridays. They use community resources to enhance their meetings, and they open these opportunities up to the school as well.


    The Academy of Science and Entrepreneurship

    Although civil rights are a running theme in American Studies, this year’s Moth Storytelling & Civil Rights Movement project just happens to fall within Black History Month. The project asks students the question: What is the place of personal narratives, including my own, in American History? In order to answer this question, students investigate major events throughout the CRM to create a cohesive and visual timeline. From there, students often ask to dive deeper into the stories of these events, and we spend time reading, discussing, and sharing out the personal narratives of those involved in the CRM on multiple levels. From this point, students feel inspired to tell their own story, which is supported by true, real-life stories shared on the Moth podcast. Students tell their stories without notes at a Moth-inspired event at school. Parents and community members are invited to this event, and the stories are recorded by WFHB and aired on their Standing Room Only program.


    Hoosier Hills Career Center

    Multicultural Literacy Unit is conducted in Early Childhood Education course during Black History Month. Students create reading lists, lesson plans and activities focused on this topic.