Online Registration

    For Existing MCCSC Families in Grades 1-12
    What is online registration?
    Do you remember that paper packet of information that you fill out at the start of each school year?
    This NEW online registration process provides a more convenient way for parents to fill out this information. It confirms emergency contacts, military opt-in, allergies, etc. and eliminates this step upon the return to school. Moving schools? It's ok. Your online registration follows your child when they transfer between schools. If you currently have students enrolled in the MCCSC Skyward system (grades 1-12), online registration is open.. Simply use your Skyward Family Access login information at www.mccsc.edu/skyward to access the new online registration packet. If you have forgotten your password, select the “Forgot your Login/Password” link below the “Sign In” button and you will be prompted with reset instructions. Skyward Family Access is connected to the email address provided upon initial enrollment. If you do not have access to that information, you can obtain it by visiting the front office. New student enrollment and families enrolling for the first time will still need to visit the school that your child is attending to enroll in person. For more information about the documentation required for enrollment please visit www.mccsc.edu/enrollment. Please contact help@mccsc.edu if you have any questions during the online registration process or ask us a question in the comments. Parents and guardians who do not complete this online registration will be prompted to complete the traditional paper registration.

     Online Registration FAQs

    1. Do I need to fill out this registration for my Kindergarten student?
          A. Yes. If your Kindergarten student was enrolled as a PK student last year with MCCSC.
          B. No.  If your Kindergarten student wasn’t enrolled as a student last year with MCCSC.  You need to enroll as a new student.
    2. I am not seeing any prompts for online registration in my Skyward Family Access account. Am I missing something?
          A.  Online Registration is only available to the Family 1 on file on the student's record. This Family 1 contact is the primary contact on the student's record. If you are listed as Family 2 you will not see the option for Online Registration. We apologize for any inconvenience and if you have any questions concerning your child's record you may contact your child's school. Another reason that you will not see Online Registration option is that you have to be logged in as a parent. You cannot register when you are logged in using your student's login and password.
    3. I am having issues getting past the military part of the forms as the window will not drop down for me to answer.        
           A.  When you are in that form area during Online Registration, click on View Full Screen, and then checkmark yes or no.
    View Full Screen

          You can then complete that portion, and continue to the next steps.   The Adult Education portion, should both default to No as noted in that step.

    4. Why am I not seeing one of my students in my Skyward Family Access account?
          A.  In the instance you are not seeing one of your children on your Skyward Family Access account, please contact your child's school to make sure you are connected to their Skyward account.
    5. I am receiving an error code, "This person was or is a Guardian in the district. They must update their own numbers." How can I fix this?
     Online Registration Error
          A.  If you receive this error, delete that contact and add them back in again. This should clear this error.
    6. Why can I not access Online Registration from my smartphone?
          A.  The size of the digital forms mirror an 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper. Mobile phone browsers are not able to render the entire form. You are able to complete it on most tablet devices including iPads. Desktop and laptop computers are recommended for best viewing of form fields.