5 Reasons why Vermont Summer Academy is the best academic summer camp!
    We want you to join us this summer to dive in to the subject of your choice and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Check out all the reasons that VSA is the best summer sleepaway program for teens. If you have any questions, please call us anytime! 866.928.2897
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    1. Unique Majors to choose from.

    Discover or delve deeper into your passion!

    Veterinary Science
    Forensic Science
    Writer's Workshop
    Studio Art: Painting, Sculpting, and Drawing
    AP Biology/Pre-Med
    Culinary Arts

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    2. Vermont is gorgeous.

    We can't imagine a better place to have a camp that is not only academic but combines the traditional style of camp as well. The swimming, the hiking, bonfires, and overall beauty of Vermont lends to every aspect of our program. Classes and activities take full advantage of the landscape. If you have never been to Vermont, this is the perfect way to experience it.

    3. Green Mountain College is one-of-a-kind.

    GMC is the preeminent destination college for students who think rigorously and want to weave sustainably in everything they do.  Our students are passionate learners who have a profound respect for the environment and for human communities.
    The College sets the pace for thought leaders in liberal arts and for top practitioners in careers that contribute to the quality of life and well being in communities of many sizes and shapes.

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    4. Our staff is highly qualified.

    Some of our courses are taught by College faculty members like the Creative Writing course, which is taught by a member of the English Department, Dr. Amy Murphy.  Others are taught be qualified leaders in their field; all the coursework is approved by the Provost of the College.  Our goal is to foster hands-on learning and to have our students have a fantastic pre-College experience, as they will be heading to College within the coming years!  It is important to give your child a true campus - based experiential learning opportunity that will give them a components of personal and social growth as well!

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    5. Never a dull moment.

    During the day, you are immersed in your chosen field of study. But during free time, students can jump into a game of soccer or frisbee on the quad; court games or working out; or relax with friends, read a book, or play games in the lounges.

    In the evenings, resident advisors (RAs) organize activities that allow all the students and staff to come together and have fun. These activities may include lawn games and spirit competitions and also special academic seminars and discussions.

    More about our evening activities
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