Jackson Creek Middle School

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  • Parent Pick-up Information

    n looking at the map below, when you enter the JCMS parking lot, this is a ONE LANE ONLY route. We will have cones out today to designate this. There is not an option to park and walk to get your child from the sidewalk to your parked car. Please remain in your car and follow the pattern. Once you reach the sidewalk area, then your student(s) may get into your vehicle and you are able to use the second lane (through lane) to carefully exit. 

    Please DO NOT have your student enter your car in any other area besides the sidewalk along the pick up zone. Please DO NOT pull into the city bus lane or the loading zone next to the gymnasium to pick up your student.

    It is imperative that we make sure all students and all drivers are as safe as they can be during this very busy time. Please help us to ensure that this happens.