• ESL Classes
    ESL Orientation & Registration 2018
    Please be on time. Registration and testing take about 2 hours to complete.  No students will be allowed to enter after 9:15am or after 12:45pm.
    ESL Teachers
    Teacher Room Classes  
    Linda O'Donnell 102
    Level 1/2

    Julie Williams 103
    Level 3/4

    Amy Stewart 140

    TOEFL/Beg Lit/ETG Hospitality Careers Microsoft Office


     More parking is available in the back of the building, but you must use the front door to enter.

    ORIENTATION DATES for 2018-2019

    Tuesday, August 28…9:00 am

    Thursday, August 30…12:30 pm

    Tuesday, September 18…9:00 am

    Thursday, September 20…12:30 pm

    Classes start the week of September 24

    Wednesday, October 10…9:00 am

    Thursday, October 11…12:30 pm

    Tuesday, October 30…9:00 am

    Thursday, November 1…12:30 pm

    Classes start the week of November 5

    Tuesday, November 27…9:00 am

    Thursday, November 29…12:30 pm

    Tuesday, December 18…9:00 am

    Thursday, December 20…12:30 pm

    Monday, January 7….9:00 am

    Tuesday, January 8…12:30 pm

    Classes for new students start January 9

    Tuesday, January 29…9:00 am

    Thursday, January 31…12:30 pm

    Wednesday, February 12…9:00 am

    Thursday, February 14…12:30 pm

    Classes start February 19

    Tuesday, March 5…9:00 am

    Thursday, March 7…12:30 pm

    Tuesday, April 2…9:00 am

    Thursday, April 4…12:30 pm

    Classes start the week of April 8

    Tuesday, April 23…9:00 am

    Thursday, April 25…12:30 pm

    Tuesday, May 21…9:00 am

    Thursday, May 23…12:30 pm

    Classes start June 3


    2018-2019 Course Descriptions

    Beginning Literacy: This class is designed to help students at the most basic level of English. For students entering our program mid-year, this class will be a bridge to the level 1 class. Students will learn basic reading, writing, listening and speaking in English.

    Level 1/2: (Beginning) This class helps students acquire the language skills needed to communicate in the community. Students will learn how to read, write, listen, and speak in English.

    Level 2/3: (High Beginning) Students in this class have already learned the basics of English and are ready to improve their skills.

    Level 3/4 (Intermediate): Intended for students who have some background in English, the main focus will be on improving grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, sentence-level writing skills, and understanding fast, modern English, including idioms.

    Level 4/5 (High Intermediate): Designed for students who already have a good understanding of English grammar and are ready to build their skills and confidence in pronunciation, vocabulary, essay writing, and listening to prepare for academic and career success.

    Microsoft Office Certifications for English Learners: This class will prepare students to obtain certifications in Microsoft Office programs such as Word or Excel. At the same time, it will provide ESL instruction for students in levels 3-5. The main focus of this class will be on vocabulary development, writing skills, and reading academic texts.

    Hospitality Careers for English Learners: Working directly with a local hotel, this class will prepare students to earn certificates in the hospitality industry, allowing them to gain employment. Students will also be studying the skills needed to improve their English, including academic reading, listening, and speaking. Students need to be at or above intermediate level to participate in this class.

    TOEFL: The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) class helps to prepare students to take the TOEFL exam. It is an advanced level class that prepares students for academic and college level reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

    English to Go:  This distance learning class is designed for students who cannot come to school regularly because of work or family needs.  Most of the lessons are done at home. Students will meet with their teacher and classmates only one day a week to discuss and review homework assignments. Students must be at a low intermediate level or higher to enroll in this class.