Transportation Services

  • Transportation is provided from various pickup points throughout Bloomington to camp in the morning. No transportation is provided home from camp at 3:00 pm. 

    Midday transportation operates for half day afternoon campers who will also be attending I-Read Camp at Fairview Elementary. Buses will transport these students from Fairview Elementary to Summit Elementary for the afternoons.

    If you would like transportation to camp in the morning, please designate this in the appropriate box on the enrollment form.
    You will receive a notice from MCCSC transportation prior to the start of camp with your nearest pick-up location and time of pick up. Pick-up locations will be based on enrollments and will not be determined until about a week before camp starts. Parents are responsible for getting children to the pick-up points on time. Buses will not wait, nor will they return to pick up a camper.


  • Please call (812) 330-7719 for more transportation information.

    Click here to visit the Bus Transportation Department webpage.