Extended Day-Morning


Extended Day Morning


    Extended Day Morning is MCCSC's before school program. Extended Day Morning begins at 6:30am and runs until 8:45am daily and operates in all MCCSC elementary schools. Bloomington Parks and Recreation operates the morning program at Fairview Elementary.

    Extended Day Morning provides an exciting morning routine for your K-6 grade student and includes:

    • Programmed Activities
    • Social Time
    • Homework Support
    • Optional School Breakfast  

    security   Security

    School Age Care Staff are committed to the highest level of on-site security. Exterior school doors remain locked 24 hours a day. Sites are either equipped with a door buzzer or a secure video entry system to provide a safe environment for your student.
    Please contact the SAC office at 812-330-7702 or speak with your school office or program personnel to determine the appropriate door for entry into your school facility.





  • snow



    On snow delays (2 Hour delay), MCCSC School Age Care programs open at their regularly scheduled time of 6:30 AM. We operate an extended morning program that ends when school starts. If roads are especially hazardous, please be aware that the site may open a few minutes late.

    Snow delay rates are the same as every other morning.