Ready, Set, Grow Preschool Enrollment

  • ENROLL  

    Ready, Set, Grow Preschool enrollment must be done in person at the School Age Care office. Please stop by or call today to set up an appointment.

    To register, please contact Kara Quimby to set up an appointment. A $35.00 registration fee, $40.00 activity fee, and a deposit for the first week in the program is due at the time of application. (These fees are all non-refundable.) Monthly program fees may be prorated depending on start date.

    To register, please bring:
    1. Two (2) proofs of residency (utility bills are preferred)
    2. Photo identification
    3. Passport or birth certificate for the child
    4. Immunization records
    5. All applicable fees
    The School Age Care Office is located at 553 E. Miller Dr., Bloomington, IN 47401.