• Bloomington High School South


    Bridges to Success



    The Bridges to Success classroom at Bloomington High School South is based on the Boys Town educational model, which is a comprehensive, systematic method of teaching social skills to youth.  Its four components- the Social Skills Curriculum, Teaching Interactions, Motivation Systems, and Administrative Intervention- help students learn productive ways of managing their own behavior and interacting with others.  It combines the best of skill-based teaching with care and concern, resulting in improvements in students’ behavior, self-esteem, and relationships with others.


    Unfortunately, many youth have not acquired the social behaviors necessary to effectively and appropriately interact with peers and adults in school settings.  As a result, they do not achieve academic success.  These students are the same youth who have lacked other success experiences as well and have been identified by school personnel as discipline problems, being at risk, behaviorally impaired, or emotionally disturbed.  Their problems are compounded by the fact that the very social behaviors they lack are the same ones employers have identified as vital to success in the work world. 


    Bloomington High School South has taken great pride in developing and implementing the Bridges to Success classroom to ensure that all students have the opportunity to experience success in school, be it academic, vocational, athletic, or artistic success.  It is our intention to help develop all students to become successful, productive citizens of our society.


    *Adapted from Dowd, Tobias, Connolly, Criste, and Nelson (1993).  Specialized Classroom Management, Boys Town, NE:  Boys Town Press.