Family Access is also accessible from the South home page. It is highly encouraged for parents to check daily grades and attendance through this program. Parents must register for a password in the main office. This password stays active throughout a child’s career in school.


    Listed below is the end of each grading period (six – six week grades). Grade reports will be issued approximately one week after the end of the grading period. Marks are given on the following basis: “A” denotes superior work; “B” above average, “C” average; “D” below average; and “F” failing (no credit given).


    September 16, 2016 end of 6 weeks October 28, 2016 end of Term 1
    December 22, 2016 end of 6 weeks February 17, 2017 end of Term 2
    April 7, 2017 end of 6 weeks May 26, 2016 end of Term 3

    Monday                        8.8.2016  Staff Meetings - No School for Students
    Tuesday 8.9 Staff Meetings - No School for Students
    Wednesday 8.10Classes Begin for Students
    Monday 9.5 Labor Day - No School
    Friday 9.16 End 1st 6 weeks
    Monday&Tuesday 10.10--11 Fall Break - No School
    Thursday-Friday 10.27--28 Final Exams End of Trimester 1
    Tuesday 11.8  Prof Meetings—No School for Students
    Monday-Friday 11.21--11.25  Thanksgiving—No School
    Thursday 12.22 End of 3rd 6 weeks
    Friday 12.23  Winter Break Begins - Built in snow day
    Monday 1.9.2017  Classes resume for students
    Monday 1.16 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - No School
    Thursday-Friday 2.16--17  Final Exams End of Trimester 2
    Monday  2.20 Built in snow day 
    Monday 3.13--3.17  Spring Break Begins - No School
    Monday 3.20  Classes resume for students
    Friday 4.7  End 5th 6 weeks
    Tuesday 5.2  Prof Meetings—No School for Students
    Thursday-Friday 5.25--26 Final Exams End of Trimester 3
    Tuesday 5.30  Staff Meetings 
    Make-up Days   Added to end of year as need
    Saturday 6.3 Commencement

    SAT Test Dates  Test Registration Deadline
    U.S. Regular
    Registration Deadline
    U.S. Late (Fee Applies)
    October 1 SAT & Subject Tests September 10 September 26
    November 5 SAT & Subject Tests October 7 October 26
    December 3 SAT & Subject Tests November 4 November 22
    January 21 SAT & Subject Tests December 27 January 11
    March 11 SAT only * February 13 March 3
    May 7 SAT & Subject Tests April 5 April 20
    June 3 SAT & Subject Tests May 7 May 26

    * test will not be given at South



    * South does not administer ACT tests


    See Curriculum Guide for details.


    A separate publication entitled “Curriculum Guide” is published each year and contains detailed information regarding student scheduling, courses available, special programs, and course descriptions. A copy of the “Curriculum Guide” is issued to each student prior to the scheduling process. Students are given a complete list of course offerings in order to select courses for the following school year. Students are expected to finalize their selections by the end of the spring scheduling period.

    This process determines the number of teachers available in each department; thus, requests must be accurate. Only changes required to achieve graduation requirements will be made after requests have been submitted, review by guidance counselors and then finalized by students.


    There are established guidelines that all students should recognize which apply whenever changes are made on their daily class schedule. All schedule changes require administration and parent/guardian approval under the direction of a school counselor. To meet with a counselor, simply pre-schedule an appointment with the guidance secretary, and your counselor will send you a pass. Here is a list of the important guidelines that will be followed for schedule changes.

    1. Schedule changes across discipline areas (e.g. changing a course in mathematics for one in language arts) must be completed by the end of the 5th school day of the term.
    2. Schedule changes may be made after the 5th day as long as the class to be dropped and the class to be added are within the same academic discipline. Permission from both teachers involved is required after the 5th day.
    3. Withdrawals from courses prior to the end of the first grading period will not be recorded on the official student transcript. After the first grading period of the term if a class is dropped, it will be to a study hall and an F will be recorded on the transcript for the term.