• Healthy Schools Vision

     “To provide a safe and quality learning environment that includes physical, emotional, intellectual, and social well-being of staff, students, and families.”

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    What is Coordinated School Health?

    Research shows that healthier students are better learners. Health-related problems play a major role in limiting the motivation and ability to learn. As recommended by the CDC, the Coordinated School Health model is an effective strategy for improving the health of students and can encourage long-term wellness and promote academic success.

    The model below shows the levels of influence on students’ health. It also demonstrates how the school district, in addition the community at large has a role to play in improving the health and well being of our students. To improve school health and wellness we must work to make sure that schools’ policies, practices, and programs are sending consistent messages to students and staff to ensure an environment that best promotes health and therefore learning!


    Increase health knowledge, attitudes, and skills

    Increase positive health behaviors and health outcomes

    Improve education outcomes

    Improve social outcomes

     healthy schools


    Graphic Source: CDC.gov