• MCCSC's Continued Commitment to Students

    Posted by Andrew Clampitt-Public Relations and Information Officer on 11/14/2016 11:00:00 AM



    MCCSC’s Continued Commitment to Students


    The Monroe County Community School Corporation continues its dedication to embrace all children and meet their special and diverse needs. Our diversity has always been our strength and with a core focused on cultural responsiveness, we are dedicated to maintaining a school environment that empowers students and maximizes their educational success to become productive, responsible, global citizens.


    At a time when there are remarks being made and actions taken that are hurtful to members of our school community or that compromise our efforts to provide a welcoming and diverse learning culture, where all students feel valued, we ask every student, parent, and family member for help. Regardless of other political affiliation or personal beliefs, the MCCSC values every student and each will be treated in a respectful manner without fear of bullying, intimidation or threatening remarks. None of which will be tolerated. 


    If you or your student has a concern about your safety please speak to a teacher and/or school administrator immediately.


    Thank you for your help and leadership in ensuring every student and staff member is valued, respected and continues to feel safe in the MCCSC!

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  • Serving ALL Students at the MCCSC

    Posted by Tim Pritchett-Public Relations and Information Officer on 4/15/2016 9:00:00 AM

    We have received several recent questions regarding some misinformation about bathroom labeling in our schools. The MCCSC serves ALL students. In serving ALL, student emotional and physical safety is central to every decision we make. In recent years, as a corporation, we have expanded our direct engagement with our students identifying as LGBTQ+. We have done so to ensure that this often marginalized group of students feels welcome and safe in our schools. These students have worked with administrators, teachers, and their peers to educate others on the ways to respectfully talk about individual student identity, gender, and sexual orientation.Sign

    Within this context, a pressing issue not only in schools but in all public facilities, is providing access to gender non-specific restrooms. Schools across the nation are in the news every day working to address this civil rights issue. During the past school year, the administration at MCCSC high schools have started to identify restroom facilities throughout their building as gender neutral restrooms. An early version of our signage at some of the high schools including a “Family” restroom symbol caused some confusion for students.

    Pictures of this signage are still circulating in the community, but that signage is no longer present in our buildings. The restrooms are now clearly labeled, located in accessible locations, and available to any student. The agreed upon signage that worked for ALL students matches a sign you may find in a public library or a government building. The sign includes the universally recognized symbols denoting a restroom facility. Each comprehensive high school includes four such restrooms. All of the existing gender-specific multi-stall restrooms still exist in the facilities in their easily accessible locations for students. Parents with specific questions about access to these facilities or their locations in the building can speak with the building principal. Other questions can be directed to MCCSC Public Relations and Information Officer, Tim Pritchett, at tpritche@mccsc.edu.

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  • School Delays and Closings

    Posted by Tim Pritchett, MCCSC Public Relations and Information Officer on 1/12/2016 3:00:00 PM

    Throughout the winter, we are faced with a number of weather situations forcing us to make the very difficult judgment call to delay or cancel school. With every decision to delay or close school, our number one priority is student and staff safety. We thank all of our patrons for understanding the difficulty in making this decision. Factors contributing to a delay decision pertain to road accessiblity, parking lot accessibility, temperature, wind, and daylight when applicable. These considerations are also used in determining a cancellation. With many winter mowinter nths still ahead, we wanted to share some important reminders.

    • You can review the MCCSC Frequently Asked Questions for delays and closings for more information.
    • Delays are based on a safety determination for school bus travel. Our drivers are well-trained and well-equipped for winter roads. If school is in operation or on a delay, we have determined that the roads are safe for our buses.
    • As a reminder, we offer bus transportation to all of our students.
    • As a parent, you always have the right to keep your student home if you feel the travel conditions are not safe as per the attendance policy at each of our schools.
    • Finally, be sure to keep your Skyward contact information current to receive announcements on school closings or delays.


    You can follow us on Twitter @MCCSC_EDU for up to the second announcements on weather related closings or delays. If you have a question about this post or a suggestion for this blog, please Contact Us.


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  • The MCCSC School Assistance Fund

    Posted by Timothy Pritchett on 12/7/2015 1:00:00 PM

    UWMC Many are unaware that the MCCSC Student Services department operates a 501(c)3 United Way member agency non-profit organization, the School Assistance Fund. Social workers from throughout the school corporation are able to tap into the fund and the supplies collected by the department to help students in a variety of ways extending beyond the classroom and the school day. Specifically, the School Assistance Fund provides clothing, dental, eye, and emergency medical care for students who need assistance to function in school. Throughout the year, individuals may contact a specific school or the MCCSC administration seeking a way to help students in need. By directing them to the School Assistance Fund, we are able to pool resources providing school supplies, financial assistance, clothing and more for our students in need. To find out more about the fund or to make a donation to its efforts, you may contact Becky Rose, Director of Student Services, at (812) 330-7700 or rrose@mccsc.edu.

    If you have a question about this post or would like to make a suggestion for a future post, please Contact Us.

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  • Get an Early Start on Weather Planning

    Posted by Timothy Pritchett on 9/10/2015 7:15:00 AM

    Fall Coming off 90+ degree days, it is hard to believe that fall and winter are just around the corner. With early morning fog and cooler weather on the horizon, though, parents can get started on preparing for weather delays or closings now. There are a variety of ways to be sure your family is prepared for the fall and winter ahead. First, if you have a smarthphone or tablet, download our free corporation app today. The new MCCSC Engage mobile app includes a feature for push notifications that will provide an instant alert to your iOS or Android device when MCCSC issues an announcement. Second, you can review MCCSC policies related to weather delays and closings on our homepage or directly at this link: Weather Closings, Delays, and Early Dismissals FAQ. Finally, if you have not done so already, we encourage you to register for Family Access through Skyward. With Family Access, you can manage your preferred contact preferences and view current contact informaiton on file with your school. For more information of Family Access and updating your Skwyard contact information with your school, you may visit the Skyward Family Access guide on the Families tab of our website. If you have questions about this post or any suggestions for future posts, please Contact Us.

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  • Update on MCCSC Literacy Continuum

    Posted by Timothy Pritchett on 7/13/2015 1:00:00 PM

    MCCSC Next week, MCCSC teachers begin training with Denise Lessow, Director of the Pinnacle School, Michi McClaine, District Transition Coordinator, Cheryl Lewandowski, MCCSC School Psychologist, along with district Literacy Coaches which includes the transition of many Pinnacle students into MCCSC schools. Teachers will meet in multiple sessions for professional development beginning July 22nd to learn new skills and strategies to work with students with dyslexia and other learning disabilities. Ultimately, these skills will support striving readers in the MCCSC schools. The MCCSC Literacy Continuum is dedicated to supporting a smooth transition for these students into general education classrooms, providing the supports they need, as well as providing intervention for all students.

    On a related note, a few recent questions have been posed to us about MCCSC’s special education services and population of students with disabilities. The most recent report for the MCCSC from Indiana Department of Education lists 459 students identified as having a “Specific Learning Disability,” which includes dyslexia. 478 students are identified with a “Language/Speech Impairment.” In total, MCCSC serves 1751 students with disabilities or 14.7% of our student population. The State reports that 14.9% of students throughout all of Indiana have a disability.

    As the transition approaches, parents with questions about the process or their individual student can contact Michi McClaine, District Transition Coordinator, at mmclain@mccsc.edu Class specifics and enrollment questions can be directed to individual building principals who return to the office on Monday, July 20, 2015.

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  • Inside Look: Summer Computer Technology Support Class

    Posted by Timothy Pritchett on 6/9/2015 10:00:00 AM
    computer support class 2015 marks the first summer that the MCCSC is offering a computer technology support class at both high schools. The class is a precursor to the August implementation of a 1:1 initiative in MCCSC schools. At the start of the 2015-16 academic year, all secondary level students will be issued a laptop device for use next year. Earlier this year, MCCSC Director of eLearning Strategies, Mr. Mike Watson, shared details with the community and the MCCSC Board of School Trustees on how this class fits into the corporation's model for a 1:1 initiative when the Board approved purchase of the devices. With the adoption of a high school laptop device came the need to develop a plan for device maintenance, repair, and technical support. In addressing that need, we developed a plan to offer an A+ Certification course track at the high school level. This industry-standard certificate begins with a basic software and hardware support course that will be offered at both North and South this fall. To prepare for the August implementation, however, students from both high schools were able to enroll for a summer version of the course. This week, students are unpacking, tagging, scanning, and cataloging devices according to a specific set of universal specifications at both schools. Once the cataloging is complete, students move into hands-on coursework learning about system BIOS, operating system support, and eventually hardware support before the course's conclusion in July. These students will provide technical support for their peers as the 1:1 initiative becomes a reality this fall while earning credit toward a career-building certification. If you have questions about this post or a question for MCCSC, please Contact Us.
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  • Canvas Learning Management System Training Update

    Posted by Timothy Pritchett on 6/8/2015 9:00:00 AM

    Canvas Training Last week, the Herald Time published a blog post about the MCCSC Canvas Learning Management System training that took place at Bloomington North June 2-4. The post included a line saying that the MCCSC adopted the “new Canvas system in March as a way of making teachers’ jobs easier.” While a huge benefit of an LMS is the fluidity it creates for teachers in developing digital and multimedia lesson plans, making “jobs easier” was not the sole purpose for its adoption. An LMS has transformative powers on the ways in which a classroom operates, a student interacts with materials, and a class collaborates to learn. The decision to adopt Canvas earlier this spring and implement it this August was fueled by an understanding that student interactions with written texts and digital media continue to evolve. By implementing an LMS in the classroom, a new interface becomes the literal canvas for creating in the classroom. Students are not constrained to one version of a written account of a historical event, for example. Conversations about a text can be instantly supplemented and enhanced with integrated media through the LMS. They are able to constantly research and learn in an cohesive classroom system. Students can instantaneously pull together digital media, interact with one another through the interface, submit assignments, collaborate on projects, and so much more. This August, we look forward to a revolution in access and the ways students learn in the classroom. The adoption of the LMS will undoubtedly ease the burden on teaching professionals who have been piecing together versions of an LMS by using Google sites, YouTube, My Big Campus, and other interfaces for a number of years by bringing their efforts into one unified system. The bigger picture, though, is how this transforms the possibilities for learning by opening doors to endless knowledge and creativity. If you have questions about this post or any other MCCSC initiative, please Contact Us.

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  • Graduations at North and South to be Live Streamed Online

    Posted by Timothy Pritchett on 5/22/2015 7:45:00 AM

    For the first time, the Monroe County Community School Corporation will host a live stream on the internet of both Bloomington North and Bloomington South graduation ceremonies. The ceremonies, scheduled to take place on Saturday, May 30th, will be held this year in each high school’s gymnasium. Historically, the events were hosted at the Indiana University Assembly Hall. Earlier this year, those ceremonies were moved to the high schools with the announcement of the Assembly Hall renovation schedule. Each graduating senior was issued a set number of tickets for the event to share with family and friends. The live stream of the event will allow for real-time casting of the ceremonies in the high school auditoriums to accommodate additional attendees beyond the gymnasium capacity. Additionally, the live stream will be hosted through the MCCSC website at the URLS https://www.mccsc.edu/northgraduation and https://www.mccsc.edu/southgraduation. Online viewers can visit those URLS at the start of each graduation ceremony to experience the commencement from any location in the world.

    The live stream is made possible with the support of CATS, Community Access Television Services, through the Monroe County Public Library and the use of an existing MCCSC technology through the company MediaCast. MediaCast equipment provides the interface for the live camera feed to be broadcast online under the direction of the MCCSC Information Services staff.

    Graduation Cermonies for Bloomington North and South are as follows:

    North: Saturday, May 30, 2015 9:30am

    South: Saturday, May 30, 2015 2:30pm

    Other Graduation Ceremonies (not-live streamed)

    Bloomington Graduation School: Thursday, May 28, 2015 7:00pm; IMU

    Academy of Science and Entrepreneurship: Friday, May 29, 2015 7:00pm; Alumni Hall IMU

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  • Virtual International Ambassador Program

    Posted by Timothy Pritchett on 5/7/2015

    Binford Elementary 5th grade teacher, Wendy Tamborrino, is currently facilitating a student-led project to create a more welcoming environment at Binford for students and parents from different countries who speak languages other than English. It is called VIAP (Virtual International Ambassador Project). The end product will be a series of short videos in several languages that will be accessed when giving new students and families a tour of Binford, or when teaching students about a whole-school/universal procedure. Principal Mrs. Lucy Fischman explains the impact of the videos saying, "These videos meet our school improvement goal of increasing the capacity for cultural competence within our building and for creating a warm, welcoming environment accessible by all."

    Students identified locations throughout the building that new students would want or need to know about, such as the library, cafeteria, the office and health office. They interviewed appropriate teachers or staff about these areas, what they’re used for and any procedures related to the area (how to check out books, for example). The students then wrote a short script for each area. In the last weeks of school, they will translate the script into Chinese, Korean and Arabic, film the videos and then make them available by QR code. QR codes will be posted at the appropriate locations throughout the school. As parents tour around, or as students familiarize themselves with the building, they may access the videos with MCCSC iPads, or their personal devices.

    For more information this post or to ask a question for our blog, Contact Us
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