• Special Education Services 

    MCCSC strives to meet all students through a  continuum of services in the least restrictive environment.



    Inclusive Special Education Services
    Monroe County Community Schools was one of the first school districts in Indiana to provide inclusive services to students with disabilities.  That tradition continues today with services that:

    • Support students in general education classrooms in their neighborhood
    • Provide research-based strategies to address learning disabilities (including dyslexia) and other reading and math challenges
    • Use a team-based approach to enhance services to students
    • Designed for students with significant intellectual disabilities
    • Focus on evidenced based practices including discrete trial training, pivotal response training, functional routine training, intensive social and communication skills training
    • High staff/student ratio
    BRIDGES to Success
    • Designed for students with the most challenging behaviors
    • Intensive social/behaviors curriculum
    • High staff/student ratio

    •   Designed for students 3-5 years old
      Community Transitions
    • Designed for students 18-22 who need extra support transitioning into adult services. 
    • Emphasis is on functional skills, community involvement and employment.


    Community Based Classrooms

    •  High staff student ratio
    • Focus is on life skills and functional academics 


    Related Services 
    Occupational therapy
    Physical therapy
    School Psychologists 
    Contact us if you have questions or want to know more information about a program that we offer.