•  IB Learner Profile

    1. Inquirers: Develop a natural curiosity that allows them to become lifelong learners.

    2. Knowledgeable: They explore ideas of importance and dig deep into its meaning creating a balance of their learning.

    3. Thinkers: They apply thinking skills that allow them to tackle complex problems in creative ways.

    4. Communicators: They understand and can articulate information in confident, creative ways, including a second language.

    5. Principled: Students are honest, fair, just and full of integrity. They strive to solve their own problems and to take responsibility for their own actions.

    6. Open-minded: Students understand and embrace other cultures. They recognize and celebrate their own backgrounds and learn tolerance for others.

    7. Caring: Students actively care about others and participate in active service.

    8. Risk-Takers: Students are brave in the face of new challenges. They strive to take on new roles and to defend their own beliefs.

    9. Balanced: Students understand the need to be emotionally, physically and mentally balanced. They strive for this in themselves and others.

    10. Reflective: Students reflect on their own learning. They are able to adjust for weaknesses and strengths.