• Migrant Work Survey

    Purpose of the Work Survey

    • Proper identification of migrant students for additional educational support.

    Qualifications for Migrant Education Program

    • Did the child move (alone, with or to join a parent, spouse or guardian) within the last 36 months?
    • Was the move from one school district to another?
    • Was the purpose of the move to obtain work that is (1) temporary or seasonal AND (2) agricultural or fishing?
    • Was the work an important part of providing a living for the worker and his/her family?

    Work Survey Procedures

    • All schools must collect the Migrant Work Survey completed by the parents of all students (aged 3-21) currently enrolled in the district annually.
    • Schools must file the original work survey form collected in each student’s cumulative folder.
    • Migrant work survey should be a part of the enrollment process.
    • Preschool must be included.
    • Parents should list all children aged 3-21 in their household in the work survey form.
    • Even a college student under the age of 22 who is an eligible migrant student can receive available migrant services.
    • If there is any student identified as a potential migrant student through the work survey, the district’s office will contact a recruiter at the regional resource center (Region 5) to continue with the migrant student identification process.