• 2021 AP EXAMS

    In-Person exams


    Online/Digital exams

    • Students who elected to take their exams digitally will do so during the first two weeks of June
    • Digital exam calendar
    • All digital exams start exactly at 12:00pm & 4:00pm Eastern Dayligt Time
    • Students may keep their school issued laptop for AP exam purposes.  Please return to school upon completion of last exam for summer maintenance

         **Steps to complete the online digital exam process**

    1. Download Digital Testing App: Digital App Download
    2. Login to app using College Board username and password
    3. Practice with sample questions (3-5 minutes)
    4. Complete exam setup
      1. Must be completed 1-3 days before exam
      2. Cannot test without completing setup
      3. Exam setup must be completed for each exam (1-3 days before each exam)
    5. Check-in / access exam 30 minutes before start time
    6. See Mr. Livingston with questions 812-330-7714 ext. 51122 or jlivings@mccsc.edu

        Digital exam help/resources

             College Board Digital Exam Preview

             Step by step with instructions

             Students with accommodations