• Teachers

    • Cindy Kvale          Physics 1  HD/Physics 2 HD
    • Luke Sheehan       Physics  1 HD/Physics 2  HD/Integrated Physics(ICP 2)
    • Kara Parker          APC Physics/HD Physics  1/HD Physics 2
    • Angie Thompson   Integrated Physics (ICP 2)

    ICP - Physics (Lab) - 3108

    Grades 11-12
    Two Trimesters

    Prerequisite(s): Algebra I and Biology I

    Integrated Chemistry-Physics is a laboratory-based course in which students explore fundamental chemistry and physics principles. Students enrolled in this course examine, through the process of scientific inquiry, the structure and properties of matter, chemical reactions, forces, motion, and the interactions between energy and matter. Working in a laboratory environment, students investigate the basics of chemistry and physics in solving real-world problems that may have personal or social consequences beyond the classroom.

    Physics I [HD] (Lab) - 3084

    Grades 11-12
    Two Trimesters

    Prerequisite(s): Geometry and Integrated Chemistry - Physics

    Physics or Chemistry I with a grade of "B" or better Physics I is a laboratory-based course in which students synthesize the fundamental concepts and principles related to matter and energy, including mechanics, wave motion, heat, light, electricity, magnetism, atomic and subatomic particles. Through regular laboratory study, students (1) examine the nature and scope of physics, including its relationship to other sciences and its ability to describe phenomena using physical laws, (2) describe the history of physics and its role in the birth of technology, (3) explore the uses of its models, theories, and laws in various careers, and (4) investigate physics questions and problems related to personal needs and societal issues.

    Physics B, Advanced Placement (Lab) - 3080

    Grade 12
    Three Trimesters

    Prerequisite(s): Geometry and Physics I

    Built on the concepts of first-year physics, this course is a more detailed analysis of the mathematical base and practical applications of motion, energy, atomic structure, sound, light and electricity. This course follows the College Board Entrance guidelines and prepares students for the Advanced Placement Physics B exam. This class will require an average of 5-10 hours per week of outside class work.

    Science Research, Independent Study (Lab) - 3008

    Grade 12
    One Trimester

    Prerequisite(s): Application and 2 years of science

    Description: Science Research, Independent Study is a course that provides students with unique opportunities for independent, in-depth study of one or more specific scientific problems. Students develop a familiarity with the laboratory procedures used in a given educational, research, or industrial setting or a variety of such settings. Students enrolled in this course will complete a science project to be exhibited at a regional science fair and/or state science symposium during the same school year; additionally, and end-of-course project or product may be required, such as a scientific research paper or some other suitable presentation of their findings. Students will be matched with a business and/or higher education mentor.