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    ICP - Chemistry (Lab) - 3108

    Grades 11-12
    Two Trimesters

    Prerequisite(s): Algebra I and Biology I

    Integrated Chemistry-Physics is a laboratory-based course in which students explore fundamental chemistry and physics principles. Students enrolled in this course examine, through the process of scientific inquiry, the structure and properties of matter, chemical reactions, forces, motion, and the interactions between energy and matter. Working in a laboratory environment, students investigate the basics of chemistry and physics in solving real-world problems that may have personal or social consequences beyond the classroom.


    Chemistry I (Lab) - 3064

    Grades 10-12
    Two Trimesters

    Prerequisite: B or better in Algebra I and either Biology I or Integrated Chemistry/Physics; Algebra II (or concurrent) highly recommended

    Chemistry I is a course based on regular laboratory investigations of matter, chemical reactions, and the role of energy in those reactions.  Students in Chemistry I compare, contrast, and synthesize useful models of the structure and properties of matter and the mechanisms of its interactions.  In addition, students enrolled in this course are expected t  1) gain an understanding of the history of chemistry, 2) explore the uses of chemistry in various careers, 3) investigate chemical equations and problems related to personal needs and societal issues, and 4) learn and practice laboratory safety.


    Chemistry I [HD] (Lab) - 3064H

    Grades 11-12
    Two Trimesters

    Prerequisite: successful completion (B or better) of Algebra I HD and Biology I HD; also Algebra II HD (or concurrent) highly recommended

    Chemistry I HD covers the same topics and Chemistry I, but at a more in-depth level and accelerated pace.  Topics covered more in-depth include empirical and molecular formulae, nuclear chemistry, quantum mechanics, and Lewis structures.  The entire course moves at an accelerated pace compared to the regular chemistry course.

    The HD class is designed solely for students who have a strong math and science background.  Such students should plan to pursue a math, science or engineering related field in college.


    Chemistry, Advanced Placement (Lab) - 3060

    Grades 11-12
    Three Trimesters

    Prerequisite(s): B or better in Chemistry I HD, Algebra I HD, Geometry I HD, and Algebra II HD (or currently enrolled)

    This is an intensification of first-year chemistry dealing specifically with mathematical explanations of basic chemical theory. Topics include: (1) structure of matter-atomic theory and structure, chemical bonding, molecular models, nuclear chemistry: (2) states of matter-gases, liquids and solids, solutions; (3) reactions-reaction types, stoichiometry, equilibrium, kinetics, and thermodynamics. This course follows College Board entrance guidelines for Advanced Placement Chemistry and is designed for juniors who received an A or B in Chemistry.


    Advanced Science, Special Topics [Organic Chemistry] (Lab) - 3092

    Grade 11-12
    One Trimester

    Prerequisite(s): B or better in Chemistry I-2 or concurrent

    Organic chemistry will offer an extensive look at the special nature of carbon chemistry. Emphasis will be placed on structure, functional groups, and nomenclature as well as some important classes of organic reactions. There will be a laboratory component, which will include activities such as the synthesis of aspirin, oil of wintergreen, and soap. This course meets core 40 and HD standards.