• There are seven SATs offered throughout the school year.  Locally, students may take the exam on IU's campus or at Bloomington South (BHSS hosts six of the seven exams).  There are also six opportunities to take the ACT exam (not offered at BHSS).
    Students may register for the SAT at www.collegeboard.org
    Students may register for the ACT at http://www.actstudent.org
    Students will also use the above websites to view their scores and request scores be sent to prospective colleges.  It is important that they retain their usernames and passwords.
    *The school code for Bloomington South is: 150215 (For use when registering)
    SAT    (2019-20)
    EXAM DATE                                            REGISTRATION DEADLINE
    August 24th                                            July 24th
    October 5th                                             September 5th
    November 2nd                                      October 2nd
    December 7th                                       November 7th
    March 14th                                                   February 13th     
    May 2nd                                                     April 2nd           
    June 6th   *not offered at BHSS        May 6th             
    ACT     (2019-20)
    EXAM DATE                                              REGISTRATION DEADLINE
    September 14th                                        August 16th
    October 26th                                              September 27th
    December 14th                                          November 8th
    February 8th                                                January 10th
    April 4th                                                        February 29th
    June 13th                                                        May 8th   
    July 18th                                                         June 19th
    Test Prep
    -There is a great SAT Prep course offered at BHSS during the school day and after school hours.  It is taught by two experienced BHSS teachers.  See LINK for further information.
    -You may have heard that the College Board now owns Khan Academy.  You can find a lot of free prep resources on the College Board website including Khan Academy.
    -In addition to prep courses, students might want to view the test prep videos on the Mometrix Academy website. These are FREE!
    -Here are a couple of other free resources: SAT PrepSAT TipsACT Tips