• BHSS Work Study

    The Work Study program provides support, assistance and training to students, which enables them to successfully transition from high school to the work force.  Participation in the work study program provides students with opportunities to explore their interests, develop their unique talents, and acquire the skills and behaviors necessary to transition into the workforce.  Students gain work experiences through a variety of in-school jobs and community work experiences.


    Work Study Progression

    1. Class assignments – students complete class assignments to determine career cluster interests, practice interviewing skills, money and time management.
    2. In-School Jobs – Students explore a variety of work experiences gaining job skills within the school setting
    3. Community  Work Experience – Students participate in a variety of volunteer work experiences to further develop job skills in the community


    A Mutually Beneficial Experience

    How do employers benefit?

    How do students benefit?

    Employer’s benefit because the student’s abilities and interests are matched with the needs of the employer and individualized support is provided by the school

    Students benefit because they are given an opportunity to explore their interests, develop talents and acquire the skills to obtain paid employment