• What is the difference between an Honors Course and a regular course?
    An Honors course is more rigorous than a regular course.  It is especially designed for the college-bound student, emphasizing reading full-length books and writing multi-page papers. Discussions will go beyond comprehension of the text to analysis. As well, Honors course teachers will assign more homework. 

    If my student has taken no honors courses, can he or she still get into college?
    Yes, if a student is highly motivated and has good study habits and good grades, he or she can still get into college. The Honors classes help to prepare students for the rigors of college.

    If my student has taken no Honors classes, can he or she take Advanced Placement courses or Advanced College Placement courses?
    A student can take these courses, but should be prepared to work very hard.  Generally, a student should expect to receive a lower grade than they usually have in English because of the higher expectations of the course.  A student cannot take AP Literature and Composition without having had HD courses in English.

    How can I help my student?
    Everything your student needs for English class will be on Canvas. If your student needs additional help with essays, reading comprehension, test prep, or any other aspect of the class, encourage them to attend the teacher's Panther Plus sessions (offered from 3-4 days a week). 

    What is a dual credit class?
    Dual credit is an arrangement between South and a university so that students who perform well in the class can receive high school and college credit at the same time. The South Language Arts program offers a number of dual credit courses, including speech and composition (Ivy Tech credit).

    What is the difference between ACP and AP?
    When your student takes an ACP course, he or she is also enrolling in a college class.  At the successful completion of that class, the student will receive college credit (only upon being accepted to IU and paying fees at the onset of the course.)

    When a student takes an AP course, he or she is not enrolling in a college course, but preparing to take a test at the end of the course which will allow him to either by-pass courses in college or receive college credits.

    If my son or daughter is not going to IU, wouldn't an ACP class be a waste of time?
    No.  The credits earned at IU can be transferred to many colleges and universities.  The teacher of the course has a booklet that lists which colleges accept IU credits.  Besides the issue of college credits, the content of the courses themselves more than justify enrollment for any reasons.

    How can I contact my student's teacher?
    Links to e-mail and web sites are found under faculty information. Canvas messaging is also an easy way to contact the teacher. You may also call the school at 330-7714 and be connected to the teacher.