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    School Enrollment

    Students are required to attend a school in the area where they reside. Please visit the following web pages for more information about school attendance areas and school registration. 

    Schools Offer an English as a New Language Program (ENL) Program 

    The ENL program is provided at 8 elementary schools, 2 middle schools and 2 high schools. English learners attending these schools would participate in the regular education program as well as receive specialized ENL instruction from a certified ENL teacher. The length of ENL instruction time varies depending on students' English proficiency level and/or their academic needs. ENL teachers regularly communicate with other classroom teachers to ensure that all English learners receive appropriate accommodations and modifications in the mainstream classes to be successful in school.
    For English learners who attend elementary schools without an ENL program are allowed to attend Templeton Elementary, if ENL services are necessary. English learners who live in Batchelor attendance area and need ENL services are allowed to attend either Jackson Creek or Tri-North Middle School depending on which high school (BHSN or BHSS) attendance area they live. In such cases, transportation will be provided for the students.
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    International Family Welcome & Orientation

    International Family Welcome and Orientation is an annual event held in August for new international students and their families. It is an opportunity for new families to learn about our schools, the English learning program, and Bloomington community resources available.
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