• Information for Families

    School Registration & Orientation for New Families

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    Parent Communication

    Your child's school may need to contact you as a parent or guardian immediately in case of an emergency or to convey important school information. Parents must notify the school office in the event of an address or phone number change.

    Language Assistance

    The Language Assistance is a translation and interpreting service provided for parents and school staff to overcome language barriers and improve communication. The purpose is to engage families in the educational process and activities in a meaningful way. Interpretation services are provided to families of English learners at no cost.
    If you need language assistance in communicating with the school staff, please contact the Office of English Language Learning at (812) 961-7500.
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    English as a New Language Program (ENL) for English Learners in Grades K-12

    The MCCSC offers English as a New Language (ENL) programs to assist English learners enrolled in grades K-12. As of March 2014, we serve approximately 340 English learners from countries around the world, and more than 40 languages are represented by the student population. Learn more about the English learner support procedures.
    Support Procedures

    Latino Family Night

    Latino Family Night is an annual event designed to empower Latino families with the tools to navigate educational, health, cultural, and civic resources and services available in Bloomington community.
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    Parent Workshops

    Parent workshops are additional opportunities for all parents to learn about specific topics related to their child’s education. Some of the topics include:
    • ENL program and family support services
    • Explanation of testing results
    • English proficiency levels and English learning strategies

    Parent Surveys

    Parent engagement in education is an essential component of our children’s success in school. It is very important to us that our families have access to necessary resources to meet their educational needs.
    The Office of English Language Learning conducts parent surveys to learn about family’s needs and feedback regarding our program and services. The information gathered through the survey is used to improve our educational services for English learners and their families.

    ESL Program for Adult English Learners

    The MCCSC Adult Education offers ESL classes for adult English learners at the Broadview Learning Center to improve their English proficiency.
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