• Office of English Language Learning
    The Office of English Language Learning assists students from other cultures and their families to become integrated into our community. ELL Office serves as the information center for their questions and concerns regarding school life. We have information about enrollment, English language instruction (ESL or ENL), tutoring and homework help, relations with peers and staff, financial issues and counseling services that address the newcomers’ needs during their time in the school system. Additionally, ELL Office coordinates resources on issues of diversity, providing information to MCCSC staff on fostering a respectful learning environment, implementing curriculum modifications, celebrating individual and cultural differences, and promoting cultural sensitivity in the education community.
    ELL Office collaborates with other MCCSC departments on issues involving financial assistance, child protection, truancy, special education, parent conferences and outreach to the non-English-speaking community. We translate documents, assist with correspondence and communication with the families and provide cultural perspectives when necessary in order to understand differences that affect the students’ ability to function successfully and happily in the MCCSC system.

    Mission Statement

    In keeping with the philosophy and mission of the Monroe County Community School Corporation, the ELL Office will assist Monroe County children and youth to develop into responsible, capable, broad-minded and compassionate citizens of the local and international community.


    To help students, parents, staff and administrators meet their educational goals, the ELL Office will provide resources and support to;
    • foster a respectful learning environment that values individual and cultural differences,
    • facilitate the integration of newly arriving students and their families,
    • meet MCCSC’s needs to respond to the challenges of an increasingly complex and culturally diverse student body,
    • promote community involvement in the schools and school involvement in the community,
    • develop new options for instruction in a variety of languages and cultures.