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  • BGS Student of the Month

    November: Abby Prince and Sydney Cowden

    Two student of the month certificates  


    Previous Students of the Month:

    August: Ailish Shipley

    A pale, femme student holding a certificate and medal for student of the month.

    September: Kieran Shipley

    A student wearing a black hoodie and glasses, holding up his Student of the Month Certificate in front of the BGS logo.

    October: Breyton Isom

    A pale, masculine student in a maroon hoodie holding a certificate and standing in front of the BGS logo  

  • BGS Perfect Attendance

    October: Pedro Recci, Sean Young, Ravyn Keplinger, and Ailish Shipley

     Four students holding certificates for Perfect Attendance and standing in front of the BGS logo


    Previous Perfect Attendance:

    August: Shamika Lewis

     A light-brown-skinned femme standing with a certificate.

    Pedro R, Emileigh B, Josh L, Ravyn K, Breyton I, Shamika L

    Six students holding perfect attendance certificates in front of the BGS logo.

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