Tri-North Middle School

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Welcome to Tri-North Middle School!  
Home of the Trojans!
TN Trojans

Our Mission 

Tri-North Middle School will provide a learning environment where all students master the fundamental knowledge and skills of their classrooms’ challenging curricula, are evaluated using a variety of assessment tools, and are continuously supported to ensure success academically and as part of our community.

Our Location

Tri-North Middle School is located at 1000 W. 15th St., just off West 17th St. Our school serves families and communities on the north side of Bloomington and Monroe County. Students from Tri-North attend Bloomington High School North or The Academy for Science and Entrepreneurship. For more information about Tri-North, please e-mail or write our principal at the above address.

Tri-North School Song 

Tri-North Trojans, stand up and fight! T-N-T, yea, we're dynamite! Let's shout it. Tri-North Trojans, red, green, and white. T-R-O-J-A-N-S, Tri-North Trojans, Trojans, we're all for you!