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A picture of teachers working together duing a meeting
The Professional Learning Communities Resource Site will serve as a resource for faculty and staff at Grandview Elementary. It is our goal to serve and support PLC members so we are working together to implement a culture of collaboration, focusing on student learning and using student data to prescribe the best education available.


The following resources are broken down into several areas to help guide our weekly PLC meetings. The documents can be opened and saved on your iPad or desktop computer. Once saved, they can be updated and adapted to your specific PLC needs.
  • Team building in the PLC

Critical issues for the team

Cultural shifts in a PLC


  • Developing Norms in the PLC

Developing Norms-How?

Our Team Norms-Interactive Form

Example of Norms-1

Example of Norms-2

  • PLC Notes

PLC Team-Time Notes

  • Smart Goals

Smart Goal Worksheet

Team Smart Goal-Interactive Form

For more PLC information visit the following resources: