Unionville Elementary School

Engage. Empower. Educate

Unionville Elementary is a rural school with approximately two hundred students in grades K-6.  It is an economically diverse community comprised of families from all socio-economic levels.  Unionville began as a K-12 school before eventually losing the middle and high school grades over the course of a thirteen year period.

    The Unionville school community has strong parental support throughout the school year as demonstrated by an ambitious PTO and volunteerism.  Parents are an integral part of our students' education.  They willingly assist teachers both in and out of the classroom and work closely with them to solve behavioral, attendance and homework problems.

    The staff of Unionville Elementary has and continues to participate in a variety of initiatives.  The impetus for these on-going efforts is directly related to our goal of having students demonstrate mastery of the Indiana Academic Standards.  The teachers at Unionville are willing participants in staff development activities and school wide initiatives that aspire to produce continuous growth in student achievement.